Dukhan Bank wins 6 awards for banking excellence

Written By Mark

Dukhan Bank won 6 valuable awards from MEED Magazine’s annual awards program for banking excellence in the Middle East and North Africa for the year 2024.
Dukhan Bank was crowned with a number of prestigious awards and accolades in the fields of wealth management, retail banking, Sharia-compliant banking products, real estate financing, multi-channel offerings, and customer-focused services, in recognition of its significant contributions at all levels.
Dukhan Bank won the “Best Wealth Manager in the Middle East and North Africa” award, which strengthens its position and highlights its pioneering role in wealth management in Qatar, and its dedication to providing investment solutions and advisory services tailored to a diverse group of clients.
Dukhan Bank also won the “Best Bank for Retail Banking” award, the “Best Offers of Sharia-compliant banking products in the Middle East and North Africa” award, the “Best Real Estate Finance Solutions in the Middle East and North Africa” award, and the “Best Real Estate Finance Solutions Award in the Middle East and North Africa” region. “Best Multi-Channel Offerings in the Middle East and North Africa” for his virtual assistant, “Rashid,” supported by the latest artificial intelligence technologies, and the “Excellence in Providing Customer-Focused Services in the Middle East and North Africa” award. These awards reflect Dukhan Bank’s tireless endeavors towards excellence and providing innovative banking solutions at the local, regional and international levels.

Mr. Ahmed Hashem, Acting CEO of Dukhan Bank Group, said: “We are very pleased to receive these awards, which embody our firm commitment to providing advanced banking solutions and services that keep pace with the era of digitization and are available to customers anywhere and at any time, and our desire to live up to the trust we have previously enjoyed.” Our customers, in addition to being a strong incentive to continue moving forward and redefine a new concept of excellence in banking services.”
He added: “At the same time, these awards illuminate a new page in our record of achievements and our successive steps to keep pace with the changing needs of our customers through the latest advanced solutions and products that suit their investment requirements – while expanding the scope of innovation and bringing the latest digital solutions in this field. As our journey moves forward, we will work to offer our customers more promising investment opportunities that fit their plans and aspirations, along with enhancing our growing portfolio of banking services and products.”
The third edition of the “Banking Excellence Awards in the Middle East and North Africa” program, which was jointly organized by Retail Banker International and Private Banker International in cooperation with MEED magazine, is a celebration of the best banking and financial institutions and entities in the banking sector in the Middle East and North Africa region for their excellence and efforts. To provide financial solutions that keep pace with the spirit of the times and are in line with customer needs.
It is worth noting that this program not only celebrates elite financial institutions, but also extends its honor to distinguished individuals who have contributed exceptional achievements in the financial sector. Therefore, this awards ceremony is an ideal platform that brings together pioneers in banking services, including executives, financial service providers, and senior leaders in this field in the region, to exchange development ideas and lay the foundations of a society that embraces excellence in the banking field.