Souq Waqif hotels are an ideal destination for those looking for the history of Qatar

Written By Mark

Souq Waqif hotels shine with their facilities, which are the ideal destination for visitors searching for the history, civilization and elegance of the State of Qatar, thanks to their strategic location in the heart of the vibrant souq, which reflects in its design the rich heritage of the country, and which enables its guests during their stay to enjoy wandering through the corridors of the souq and learn about creativity. In mixing heritage and tradition on the one hand and contemporary flair on the other hand.
Souq Waqif Hotels consists of eight hotels: Bismillah, Al Mirqab, Armilah, Al Jasra, Al Bidda, Al Jumrouk, Musheireb and Najd, which provide unparalleled access to the city’s vibrant cultural, historical and commercial centre.
Souq Waqif hotels also provide their guests with the advantage of using the facilities in all eight hotels. “Al Jasra” Hotel offers a gym overlooking Souq Waqif, in addition to a spa with a traditional Moroccan bath, while “Al Mirqab” offers a gym and an outdoor swimming pool to enjoy the best moments of relaxation and relaxation.
Souq Waqif hotels include a selection of the most prestigious international restaurants, which vary between “The Terrace”, which represents the authenticity of traditional local cuisine, and “La Piazza”, which specializes in Italian cuisine, in addition to the “Terrace” with outdoor seating that provides the best dining experience and is inspired by the ancient heritage of the cuisine. The Greek islands, and “Argan”, the house of Moroccan cuisine that has won the most prestigious local and international awards.
For those looking for the magic of Qatari heritage in the heart of the Qatari capital, Doha, Al Najada Doha Hotel invites residents and travelers to discover the rapidly growing and vibrant modern city, thanks to its strategic location between Grand Hamad Street, the ancient historical Souq Waqif and the Gold Souq, which in its innovative design blends the elegance of architecture. Heritage and traditional facades on the one hand, and modern Arabic design and the joy of contemporary colors on the other hand.
For those looking for peace and tranquility away from the noise of the city, Souq Al Wakra Hotel is a distinguished haven, thanks to its strategic location overlooking the shore of the Arabian Gulf, and its distinctive design that combines the heritage, culture and civilization of the State of Qatar on the one hand and contemporary design on the other hand.
The hotel consists of two historical buildings, which are old historical heritage houses, in which the traditional heritage character has been wonderfully preserved while maintaining the architecture that reflects the image of old Qatari homes and castles.