A strong start to the Mafarid Summer Festival

Written By Mark

The first preliminary race competitions within the Mafarid Summer Festival 2024 began yesterday, in the main square in Al Shahaniya, which is organized by the Camel Committee until next September 7, with the participation of more than 440 horses.
The competitions were strong and exciting, with 16 races being held, 8 of which were allocated to the first-timers and 8 to the runners, all of which took place from a distance of 1,500 metres, with great participation from owners from the State of Qatar and from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. There are many pleasant surprises for the participants and the fans. We are working with all our energy to make this important event a success. Therefore, the camel racing organizing committee decided to allocate valuable tokens for the winners of the final race next September, where the winner of the main camel race will receive a token in addition to a financial prize of 100 thousand riyals.
The same thing will happen in the main sitting race, which will also include a token and 100,000 riyals. These prizes are unprecedented at the level of the Mafarid category, and we aim to expand the entries in this promising category, which is the first nucleus of the sport of camel racing, and this age is always full of surprises.
“Ambition”, owned by Hamad Salem Al Marri, was able to win the title of the main first half of Al-Mafarid in an open tournament after coming in the lead in a special time, the best in today’s rounds, of 2:09:22 minutes, leaving the runner-up position to “Al-Jazeera”, owned by Nasser Ahmed Mohammed. Al-Muhannadi recorded a time of 2:09.98 minutes, while “His Excellency” Malak Muhammad Faraj Al-Ghufrani came in third place with a time of 2:10:90 minutes.
In the Qa’dan competitions, “Al-Wa’i” Malik Mohsen Hizam Al-Marri was crowned champion of the main race designated for the Mafarid Open Qadan, covering the race distance in a time of 2:10:68 minutes, ahead of “Wahaq” Malik Ali Abdullah Al-Marri, who came in second place with a time of 2:10:68 minutes. It was 2:11:06 minutes, while Nawaf’s “Mobhar” Hadi Al-Marri came in third place with a time of 2:11:92 minutes.
The Mafarid Summer Festival 2024 includes six preliminary races, in addition to the final race, which will be held over the course of the next 6 and 7 September.
Each preliminary race consists of 12 rounds of 1,500 metres, in addition to 4 additional rounds for companies participating in the festival.