A study reveals the effectiveness of early insulin treatment for type 2 diabetes

Written By Mark

A recent Chinese study revealed the effectiveness of early insulin treatment for type 2 diabetes, which can reduce the risk of stroke.

To find out the results of the study, the research team from Anhui Medical University, the University of Science and Technology of China, the Southern Medical University, and Peking University conducted a study that lasted for 24 years in treating 5,424 type 2 diabetes patients throughout China. The research team found that type 2 diabetics Second, those who were newly diagnosed and underwent treatment saw a 31% reduction in their risk of stroke, and a 28% reduction in their risk of being hospitalized for heart failure.

The study also indicates the effectiveness of early insulin treatment in improving biomarkers related to low-grade inflammation and endothelial function, which are known indicators of cardiovascular disease risk in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients.

The researchers explained that these results provide clear evidence for the adoption of early treatment with insulin as a primary treatment option for newly diagnosed patients.

It is worth noting that type 2 diabetes is a condition that occurs due to a problem in the body’s regulation of sugar and its use to supply the body with energy. This long-term condition causes a very large amount of sugar in the blood.

When suffering from type 2 diabetes, the cells do not respond properly to the hormone insulin, and thus absorb a small amount of sugar.

There is no cure yet for type 2 diabetes, but losing weight, eating well, and exercising can help control it.

If diet and exercise are not enough to control blood sugar, doctors may recommend diabetes medications or insulin therapy.