Al-Annabi resumes his training in preparation for India

Written By Mark

This evening, our first national football team will resume training in preparation for the final match of the double qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup, which is scheduled to be held the day after tomorrow against the Indian national team at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium at Al Sadd Club in the sixth and final round in the first group.
Al-Anabi rested yesterday, Saturday, after playing the Afghanistan match last Thursday in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, which ended in a goalless draw, so Al-Anabi continues to lead the group without a competitor, with 13 points.
On Friday, Al-Annabi went through a recovery training session with the participation of all the players who will participate in the main and basic training today in preparation for India, with the final training session being tomorrow, Monday.
It is expected that the Spaniard, Marquez Lopez, our national team coach, will focus on many technical, tactical and tactical matters, as well as on the basic formation, given Lopez’s tendency to rely on a new formation, especially after the great effort made by the players in the Afghanistan match, in addition to the difficulty of traveling and returning by land from Al-Ahsa.
It is expected that the new formation will be a combination of some experienced players, young people and new faces who joined the ranks of Al-Anabi for the first time, which relied in the Afghanistan match on experienced names such as Saad Al-Shaib, the goalkeeper and captain of the national team, and Hammam Al-Amin and Mustafa Meshaal, who were present in the basic formation. Then Lopez brought in some other names, such as Ahmed Fathi, Youssef Abdel Razzaq, Hazem Shehata, and Abdullah Al-Ahraq, in addition to the new faces and young names who had the experience of playing with the first and first team of Al-Anabi, such as Ahmed Al-Rawi, Abdullah Al-Yazidi, Muhammad Ayyash, and Nayef Al-Hadrami.

Reclaim victories
Despite the difficulty of the India match more than the Afghanistan match, Al-Anabi has the determination and determination to restore the victories that were stopped by a draw with Afghanistan, and there is no doubt that holding the match in our stadium will attract more fans to support the team and the young players in order to achieve the victory, which will be important for Al-Anabi before the classification is issued. The new international tournament, which will play a role in the classification of the teams during the third round draw scheduled to be held on the 27th of this month.

Faces represented Annabi for the first time
Some Al-Shabab players wrote their names well in the history of Al-Anabi and Qatari football, after they received the honor of representing our team for the first time in their history. Al-Anabi’s list against Afghanistan included players who officially participate internationally with Al-Anabi, namely Tahseen Muhammad, Ibrahim Al-Hassan, and Youssef Ziyad, who demonstrated great efficiency, especially Tahseen Muhammad, who was deprived of a beautiful goal by the post, and Al-Hassan, who attracted great attention in the central region.

Annabi, India, and the unbridled desire to win
Our national team and the Indian team have a strong desire to win the fierce confrontation between them next Tuesday, despite the difference in ambition between them.
Al-Anabi seeks to win to restore victories and finish the qualifiers without losing, and the Indian team seeks to win as the match is its last chance to qualify and raise its score to 8 points, regardless of Kuwait’s victory over Afghanistan.
Despite losing 0-3 at home and among its fans in the first leg against Al-Anabi, the Indian team snatched a valuable point in Doha in the 2022 qualifiers.