Al-Asmakh: Qatari airspace accommodates 100 air movements per hour

Written By Mark

Mr. Mohammed Al-Asmakh, Director of the Operations Unit at the Qatar Air Control Center, confirmed that the General Authority of Civil Aviation adopts the latest devices and technologies developed in the world that ensure the provision of the highest level of efficiency and accuracy in managing air traffic over the airspace of the State of Qatar, pointing out the possibility of accommodating 100 flights per hour. .

Al-Asmakh said in statements to the “Pulse of Economy” program on Qatar TV that all these technologies and qualified human cadres clearly reflect the strength and modernity of the aviation system in the State of Qatar and the extent of its ability to deal with any expected increase during the major and important events hosted by the State of Qatar, noting that the navigation system in the State Qatar is considered the best in the Middle East.
He added that there are programs to train and qualify air traffic controllers to raise their efficiency for the Air Navigation Administration and the Doha Aviation Information Region, pointing out that the development of air traffic control coincides with the development of Qatar Airways, the best airline in the world, and supports the operational operations of Hamad International Airport, the best airport in the world.
He continued: “In addition to all the modern technologies and the provision of extensive training for air navigation personnel, especially air traffic controllers, who have great ability and competence to manage the airspace over the State of Qatar, and excellence in air traffic control, all factors contributed to managing the airspace easily, smoothly and professionally.”
The Director of the Operations Unit at the Qatar Air Control Center also noted that the advanced radar systems at the center contributed to increasing the capacity with the possibility of receiving 100 air movements per hour, which is called parallel landing, meaning three planes landing at the same time and three others taking off, which is known as “parallel landing.” BO, which contributed to increasing the capacity of the airspace of the State of Qatar and Hamad International Airport, where 800 to 900 air movements are received per day, 24 hours a day.