Al-Khor begins mobilization to ensure stability

Written By Mark

After returning to the Stars League, Al-Khor Club is looking to present itself strongly, stay away from danger, and not return to the second division league. This made the Board of Directors begin work early for the new season to ensure stability and not enter into mazes, as many important files related to the technical staff were discussed during the last period. In addition to the fate of professional players, in addition to searching for names for local players and also the foreign camp, this is certainly a positive thing and it is very important that the outlines are set early so that the team is at the peak of readiness.

Two offers for Hilal
Following the end of the past season, the player Hilal Mohammed officially returned to the team after the end of his loan from the ranks of the Al Arabi team, and our sources reported that the player received two official offers in the recent period from Al Arabi to continue with the team, in addition to another offer from the Al Wakrah team, and there is no objection from Al Khor to the player’s departure, especially He is a member of the club and his desire will decide the matter whether he leaves the team or continues with the Knights.

Mubarak continues
The matter was decided to keep the technical staff under the leadership of the national coach, Abdullah Mubarak, after he led the team to qualify for the Stars League again. The decision was unanimous, especially since the national coach in general proved to be very successful in the past season, whether Abdullah Mubarak, as well as Younis Ali, Ali Al-Marri, and Wissam Rizq. It is worth noting that Abdullah Mubarak’s last season in the senior league was the season before last with Al Markhiya, which he promoted at the time and the team finished seventh.

Türkiye prepares the team
The team will leave for Turkey in the middle of next July to set up an external camp in preparation for the new season. The camp will include many level-graded matches, as it is expected that the team’s program in the camp will be revealed during the coming period and the number of matches that Al-Khor will play, and the club will work to complete all preparations. From signing new players until the team is fully staffed in the camp.

Destiny of professionals
As for the professionals from last season, it was decided on the continuation of the Algerian Sofiane Hani and the Moroccan Adel Rahili, while Ali Alwan returned to the ranks of the North after the end of his loan, and his compatriot Saada is largely outside the team, while an agreement was reached with the Iraqi striker Ayman Hussein and there are strong negotiations with the Ivorian Yohan Boly, while The rest of the contracts will be determined according to the point of view of the technical staff and according to the places that need strong reinforcements. There are also negotiations with some national players to bring them to the ranks of the team to be a strong addition to the ranks of the Knights of Al Khor.