«Commerce» discusses the challenges of the tourism sector

Written By Mark

The Ministry of Trade and Industry organized a roundtable with a number of companies operating in the tourism sector, with the aim of discussing the most prominent challenges facing the sector and solutions to develop it.
Mr. Saleh bin Majid Al-Khulaifi, Assistant Undersecretary for Industry Affairs and Business Development, participated in the meeting.
The organization of this meeting is part of a series of meetings held by the Ministry with the private sector with the aim of exploring opinions and discussions and identifying challenges and obstacles in a number of important sectors in the country, including the tourism sector. This is within the framework of its keenness to support these sectors and provide all means of support to companies operating in them, facilitate current procedures, learn about the most important global practices, and come up with appropriate solutions that will create a suitable business environment in the State of Qatar.
The meeting discussed several topics, including the most prominent challenges currently facing the tourism sector and operators in Qatar, the balance between competition and the presence of monopolies in the tourism sector in Qatar and the impact of this on the growth and sustainability of the sector, the necessary infrastructure improvements to support the growth and diversification of tourism in Qatar, and the effectiveness of Qatar’s marketing. As a leading tourist destination in the world and the nature of strategies that can enhance its marketing, and how cooperation with stakeholders can be improved to enhance strategic planning and implementation in the tourism sector in Qatar.
The main obstacles that hinder foreign direct investment in the tourism sector in Qatar were also discussed, the strategic measures that can be implemented to make Qatar more attractive, and how the government and the private sector can work together to promote the State of Qatar as an international tourist destination, attract foreign investment and stimulate tourism demand.
In addition to reviewing a number of proposals that would support the success of projects in this vital sector and reduce these challenges.