Developing biological hybrid robots for cancer treatment

Written By Mark

A new study at the University of California revealed the development of biological hybrid robots that can be used to treat a type of cancer.

A small biological hybrid robot has been created, based on green microalgae, that can deliver chemotherapy directly to the lung and treat cancerous masses. Microalgae can move independently by using a hair-like appendage called a “whip” to propel itself through organs such as the lungs. Less toxic compared to other microorganisms.

Once the swimming algae-based microbot reaches the lungs, it can distribute the drug through the lung tissue. It can also avoid destroying immune cells in the lungs, allowing the drug to be gradually released from the nanoparticles.

Hybrid microrobots have significantly improved therapeutic outcomes by shrinking lung tumors.

According to the study, the results of treatment using microalgae-based robots increased the average survival time by 40%.