During the month of May, there was a 21% increase in passenger traffic at Hamad International Airport

Written By Mark

The General Civil Aviation Authority announced that aircraft traffic at Hamad International Airport increased by 13.6 percent on an annual basis during the month of May, compared to the same period in 2023.
The authority stated, in a post on its official accounts on social media, that aircraft movements rose to 22,990 air movements in May 2024, compared to 20,229 air movements in May of last year, adding that the number of passengers also recorded an increase of 21%, reaching four million and 163 thousand. Passengers, compared to three million and 440 thousand passengers in the same month of 2023.
The authority also indicated that freight and mail traffic increased by 8.9 percent in May, recording 210,245 tons, compared to 193,008 tons in May 2023.
The inauguration of the medium-range radar at Hamad International Airport and the long-range radar in northern Qatar, in addition to the Doha Aviation Territory, contributed to strengthening and keeping pace with the operations of the General Authority of Civil Aviation and the development of the international civil aviation system, in line with the latest technologies in the world of devices and equipment.
The Authority also continues the process of developing the Qatari airspace, as the achievements achieved are a stage within the plan to develop air transport and the operational operations of Hamad International Airport and Qatar Airways in line with the vision of the State of Qatar 2030.
It is worth noting that Hamad International Airport, the best airport in the world this year, is capable of accommodating high air traffic in conjunction with the summer and vacation season efficiently and smoothly, especially after the recent expansion, which increased its capacity to about 60 million passengers, and more than 40 international airlines are currently managing their operations. The airport has the capacity to handle more than 100 air movements per hour.
In turn, Hamad International Airport affirmed its commitment to providing a smooth travel experience for everyone during the expected peak travel period coinciding with the Eid al-Adha holiday and the summer vacation, and the accompanying increase in the number of travelers.

As part of the airport’s keenness to manage this busy season with the highest levels of operational efficiency, it has developed, in coordination with all its partners, comprehensive and expanded plans to provide a smooth travel experience by providing a set of tips, the most important of which are: the necessity of registering for flights before arriving at the airport, in order to reduce waiting times at the flight registration desks, in addition to To arrive early, 4 hours before departure, so that they have enough time to complete the check-in procedures, security screening, and board the plane.
The airport also recommended using self-service desks for check-in and baggage delivery, as Qatar Airways passengers can benefit from the self-service provided by the airport for check-in and baggage delivery, which allows passengers to self-check-in, print boarding passes and baggage tags, and place a sticker on their luggage before delivering it to the airport. Baggage drop area. These options speed up check-in procedures and thus reduce waiting times.