Exercise during these hours to lower your blood sugar

Written By Mark

A recent study revealed that exercising during the period from six in the evening until midnight helps lower blood glucose levels better throughout the day and night hours.

The study, which was published by the Health Day website, which specializes in health research, included 186 middle-aged adults who live a sedentary life and suffer from overweight or obesity.

Within the framework of the study, the volunteers used devices to measure the rate of physical activity and blood glucose levels for a period of 14 days, and the research team concluded that the group that benefited most from the exercises was those who exercised between six in the evening until midnight, as it was found that their blood sugar levels The maximum decrease was achieved both at night and during the day of the next day, as well as in general.

The maximum benefit was observed in the category of people who have reached the pre-diabetic stage.

The study team confirmed that these results confirm the increasing importance of exercise for those suffering from chronic diseases.

They added, “Sports supervisors and health care professionals must take into account the appropriate time during the day to exercise in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the activities of the sports training programs that they supervise.”