Google adds ultrasonic fingerprint reader to" Pixel 9" almost

Written By Mark

Google has revealed that it is preparing to add an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner to its upcoming devices, which are expected to be released on August 13.
According to the company, with the Pixel 9 family we move to an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, using Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Gen 2 (QFS4008) module.
“The overall unlocking experience and speed depend on different things than the hardware, although using an ultrasonic sensor is better than using an optical sensor,” the company said. “The new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner comes to all Pixel 9 models except the Pixel 9 Pro Fold, which retains the fingerprint scanner built into the power button.”
Google has always used traditional sensors mounted on the back, and the transition was a bit of a bad one, with users reporting issues with unlock speed and scanning reliability. Subsequent over-the-air updates have improved the situation somewhat, although unlocking was still relatively slow. The source of these issues was the choice of fingerprint scanner used. Scanners are usually slow, low-resolution, and highly sensitive to any moisture or dirt that may be on your finger. There is also the problem of using it in low-light environments, as the scanners need the screen to flash a very bright light at the location of the scanner, which means that if the circle that appears across the screen does not cover the entire screen, you may get a flash of bright light.