Huge turnout for Eid activities in “Old Doha”

Written By Mark

The various events and activities organized by the Old Doha Port continued on the occasion of the celebration of Eid Al-Adha. The activities of the fourth day of Eid Mubarak included artistic performances by musical bands to revive traditional marine arts, in addition to open days for kayaking and stand-up paddle activities, as well as children’s play areas, which created an exceptional festive atmosphere suitable for all age groups.

It also included presenting artistic performances in the Al-Bandar area in the square opposite the “Al-Jabra” fish market, in addition to the fun and entertaining game kiosks in the Al-Mina district.
Distinctive services were provided to visitors, including free services at the Fishermen’s House, and the provision of golf carts to transport and take visitors on a tour around the port, in addition to the possibility of vehicles entering the Mina neighborhood road. The house has two levels to serve all sizes and lengths of marine vessels, with a longitudinal width of up to 60 metres.
Water activities lovers enjoyed the beauty of the picturesque waters during open days that included kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding activities, in order to encourage the practice of marine sports during the period of Eid celebrations, by facilitating their entry to the port basin from the port Corniche area for free in the evening period from three-thirty until It’s half past six in the evening.
The port management stressed the need to adhere to the highest standards of security and safety and to ensure that special equipment is brought for all marine sports enthusiasts, which include but are not limited to a life jacket, to enjoy a unique experience with the utmost safety.
The Old Doha Port provides a unique festive atmosphere designed specifically for children, to enjoy the fun and entertaining games stalls organized in the Al Mina neighborhood on a daily basis starting from the first day of Eid, and these offers are scheduled to continue until 10:30 pm next Saturday.
As part of the new developments on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, the old Doha Port made it possible for cars to enter the Al Mina neighborhood road and enjoy an exceptional experience that enables drivers to drive their cars and enjoy the beauty of the port and the splendor of its distinctive architectural design, easy access to restaurants and shops, and park their cars at the nearest point to enjoy a different visiting experience to the port. During the summer, the Old Doha Port also provides a group of golf carts to take visitors and deliver them to the specific place they want inside the port for free.
The old port of Doha has witnessed great development, becoming a vibrant tourist destination, rich in natural scenery, and mixing sustainability with innovation. The port is distinguished by the fact that it includes a world-class marina, a colorful port area, and one of the most beautiful cruise stations in the world, in addition to a container yard containing shipping containers with a renewed design that represents a distinctive and unique haven.