Kuwait Stock Exchange closes higher

Written By Mark

The Kuwait Stock Exchange closed its trading today, with its general index rising by 68.46 points to reach 7052.36 points, an increase of 0.98 percent.
197.17 million shares were traded, through 13,936 cash transactions, worth 48.6 million dinars (about 148.2 million dollars).
The main market index rose by 0.02 points to reach 5924.26 points, through trading of 55.4 million shares through 4082 cash transactions worth 8.2 million dinars (about 25 million dollars).
The Premier Market Index increased by 89.90 points to reach 7692.01 points, an increase of 1.18 percent, through trading 141.7 million shares, through 9854 transactions, worth 40.4 million dinars (about 123.2 million dollars).
The Main 50 Index decreased by 3.34 points to reach 5725.42 points, a decrease of 0.06 percent, through trading 37.9 million shares through 2817 cash transactions worth 6.7 million dinars (about 20.4 million dollars).