Pediatric dentist: The tongue should be brushed

Written By Mark

Pediatric dentistry specialist Dr. Suzan Saqr said that many of us forget or do not know how to brush our children’s teeth, which leads to tooth decay and tooth decay.

Dr. Suzan confirmed – in special statements to Al Jazeera Seha – that this is why brushing teeth is very important, and we must know how to brush our children’s teeth to spare them from many dental problems.

She explained that there are two age groups, the first is children under the age of six, and the second is children over the age of 6.

Teeth cleaning for children under the age of six

Teeth are cleaned for children under 6 years of age by moving the brush in a circular motion over the teeth from the outside and inside. We must also clean the tongue with the brush so that no waste remains on it that could cause the formation of acids that cause damage to the outer layer of the teeth (enamel) and thus the occurrence of Caries.

Children over 6 years old

We brush the teeth of children whose teeth are over 6 years old in the same way that adults brush their teeth. We place the brush at an angle of 45 degrees from the gums and then move it to remove food remnants from between the teeth. We do this on the inner part of the teeth and the outer part of them, and we do not forget the surface. upper teeth.

We clean all surfaces of the teeth, especially molars. We must also clean the tongue with a brush, and make sure to get rid of all food waste so that acids that cause tooth decay do not form.

It is necessary to use medical floss to clean the area between the molars to avoid cavities between them and the formation of holes in which food gets stuck and causes pressure on the gums, leading to inflammation (gingivitis).

Dr. Suzan Saqr concluded by saying, “Let us make brushing our children’s teeth part of our priorities.”