Symptoms of a broken nose…and when does surgery need to be performed?

Written By Mark

Dr. Bernhard Roppers said that a fracture of the nasal bone occurs due to a collision during exercise, falling from a bicycle, or being punched during a fight, for example.

The German otolaryngologist explained that the symptoms indicating that the nasal bone has been fractured are:

  • Nasal sprain
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • the pain
  • Breathing difficulties

Robers stressed the need to visit a doctor as soon as you notice these symptoms in order to undergo timely treatment, explaining that if there is a fixed and straight fracture in the nasal bone, there is no need for surgery, as the nasal bone grows again without treatment.


Surgery is necessary if a fracture of the nasal bone leads to a crooked nose or if the cartilaginous area of ​​the nose, i.e. the nasal septum, is affected. Surgery is also performed for so-called multipart fractures, that is, when the nasal bone breaks into several parts.

After this procedure, the injured person wears a nose splint, which is removed after about a week. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for the nasal bone to heal again.