Today begins the “Final 8” basket box

Written By Mark

Today, the two sides of the final of the second edition of the “Super-West” Asian Basketball League finals, “Final 8” for the sports season (2023-2024), will be determined. The semi-finals will be held today, where the Lebanese Sports Club of Beirut, which won the West Asian League title twice in a row, will meet. With the Iranian Shahradari Goroghan team, followed by the second confrontation, which brings together the two-time holders of the Gulf League title, the Kuwaiti team, with the Lebanese team Al-Hikma.
The two confrontations today determine the identity of the two teams that qualify for the final match, in addition to being the only two teams that will qualify from the (West Asia) region and guarantee their place in the inaugural edition of the 2024 Basketball Asian Champions League Finals (BCL Asia), which will be held during the period from 9 to 15 June next in Dubai. .
It is noteworthy that if the athlete and the referee reach the final, they cannot qualify together for the Asian finals, as the second card automatically goes to the team that occupies third place, given that the continental championship system does not allow the presence of two teams from one country.
The Lebanese Al-Hikma team booked the last qualifying ticket to the semi-finals after defeating its Kazakh counterpart, BC Astana, in the third round of the first group. In another match within the same group, the Lebanese Sports Club of Beirut defeated the defending champion Bahraini team, Manama, with a score of (77-68) and a difference of 9 points.