Vodafone achieves exceptional internet speeds exceeding 10 GB/s

Written By Mark

Vodafone Qatar has successfully verified the 6 GHz spectrum using advanced and massive multiple-output technology via the 128T/R smart router, achieving exceptional user speeds exceeding 10 Gbps using 4 carriers at 100 MHz each, which demonstrates the company’s capabilities. It is distinguished by its advanced 5G technology on the upper mid-band 6 GHz spectrum.
The 6GHz band is of vital importance to the future of global communications due to its ability to provide high-speed 5G and 5G coverage in large cities. This achievement represents a milestone in the technological progress of Vodafone Qatar, and demonstrates the company’s achievement of outstanding performance results and sets unprecedented standards in communication using 5.5G technology.
After the success of the first phase of the fifth and a half generation technology trial, the achievements of the second phase promise to provide exceptional rates of speed, reliability and response, which opens the doors to the use of this technology in a wide range of transformative applications and services. Through these experiments, Vodafone Qatar sites can enjoy system speeds of up to 30 Gbps.
On this occasion, Mr. Rami Bouqtar, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Qatar, said: “We are committed to expanding the horizons of technological innovation, and enabling individuals and companies alike to thrive in an ever-expanding digital environment where communication knows no boundaries. Vodafone Qatar is a leading force in the telecommunications sector in the region, as it is committed to revolutionizing communication by offering innovative solutions and continuing its path of excellence in an unwavering manner.”