Vodafone organizes discussion and educational workshops for the business sector

Written By Mark

Vodafone Qatar hosted discussion and educational workshops in cooperation with Microsoft and Cryo. These solutions are designed to enable companies to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and flexibility, which in turn enhances the digital transformation process of major institutions.
These workshops witnessed the presentation of the Vodafone Calling service, which is a cloud phone system integrated with the Microsoft Teams application. Vodafone introduced this service to revolutionize the way companies communicate and provide a unified experience that enhances collaboration and productivity.
Attendees had the opportunity to explore Microsoft CoPilot and the benefits it can provide to businesses by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. The event also reviewed Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, highlighting the role of cloud services in supporting the process of innovation in the business sector and expanding its scope, and enabling companies to benefit from cloud computing services, artificial intelligence, and analytics in enhancing the digital transformation process.
Crayon, a Vodafone partner, highlighted the potential of artificial intelligence to transform various business processes. Specific real-life use cases of AI were also presented that will enable companies to harness data to gain strategic insights and enhance decision-making.
In order to meet the urgent security needs of companies in the State of Qatar, Vodafone Qatar presented its new idea for cybersecurity, as the idea ensures the possibility of providing organizations with comprehensive monitoring capabilities and rapid response to protect against cyber threats.