What is a conjunctival appendage?

Written By Mark

The German Health Center said that the conjunctival appendage (Pterygium) is a fleshy growth in the conjunctiva of the eye, where the tissue grows towards the cornea.

The center explained that the risk factors that lead to the appearance of a conjunctival appendage are genetic predisposition, exposure to ultraviolet rays, environments full of wind and dust, and dry eyes.

Risk factors also include long-term eye irritation, for example due to contact lenses or eye irritants.

Symptoms of conjunctival hyperplasia include eye redness, itching, burning, blurred vision, and the feeling of a foreign body in the eye.

Treatment methods

Conjunctival appendage can be treated with artificial tears, eye drops, or ointments containing corticosteroids.

If these measures do not contribute to alleviating the symptoms, especially if vision impairment occurs, or if the symptoms recur, then surgical removal of the conjunctival appendix is ​​performed.