Within the activities of corporate sports…a new round for the Sports for All programme

Written By Mark

The Qatar Sports for All Federation, as part of its various sports and community programmes, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, organized a new round of the “Your Healthy Weight” program for the year 2024, which comes within the activities of corporate sports,
This round of the program was allocated to male and female employees of the Ministry of Sports and Youth. The program activities designated for employees were held yesterday morning, Monday morning, in the Lusail Sports Hall, with the participation of employees of various departments of the Ministry. During the round, many measurements and tests were conducted under the supervision of specialized trainers, nutritionists, and doctors. From primary health care, starting at nine in the morning and continuing until twelve in the afternoon, and with the same amount of attention, and in complete privacy, the designated version of the program is conducted for female employees, through a team of trainers, female doctors from primary health care, and nutrition specialists.
The Sports for All Federation provides participants in the Your Healthy Weight program with a set of biometric measurements for body components, including muscle, fat, water and bone ratios, in addition to providing nutritional and health education, to help identify the level of obesity, and the correct and sound, as well as safe, ways to get rid of excess weight. By following a healthy lifestyle, based on continuous exercise.
The event also included providing sports and awareness tips to educate program participants on the correct methods to maintain an ideal weight.
The program’s schedule of activities includes doctors conducting examinations for the participants, specifically measuring blood pressure and sugar levels, in addition to testing the level of physical fitness and ways to improve it, in terms of muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.
This round comes from the “Your Healthy Weight” program, which since its previous rounds, within the agenda of recent years, has witnessed great popularity in many societal circles, due to the importance of the service it provides to participants.