Within the third and final round of Group F competitions, Portugal is aiming for the full mark against Georgia

Written By Mark

Today, two matches will be held in the third and final round of Group Six competitions in the European Football Championship currently being held in Germany, where the Portuguese national team will meet its Georgian counterpart, and the Czech national team will play with the Turkish national team. Portugal, which secured qualification to the round of 16 at the top of the group, is looking for the full mark against Georgia, which is hoping for a surprise by advancing to the second round in its first participation in the tournament. In the round of 16, Portugal is waiting to face Hungary, Croatia, or the third in Group C, which includes England, Denmark, Slovenia and Serbia.
As for the Georgian team, it is waiting for a surprise that will lead it to the second round after it collected one point in an exciting draw with the Czech Republic 1/1 in the last round after losing to Turkey 3-1 in the first round. To qualify, Georgia has no choice but to win and raise its score to four points with Turkey stumbling against the Czech Republic, so that the Georgian team qualifies among the best four teams that obtain third place.

Group 5 teams raise the victory slogan

Today, all eyes are on the two decisive matches in Group E of the European Nations Cup, when the Belgian national team will meet its Ukrainian counterpart, while the Slovakian national team will play its Romanian counterpart.
The Romanian team leads the group with three points, superior to the rest of the group’s teams only on goal difference, with the Belgian, Slovak and Ukrainian teams equal with them, respectively, in the points tally before the start of the final round.
Attention will be focused on the match that will be held in Stuttgart Stadium, where the Belgian team seeks to achieve a victory that will confirm its advancement to the round of sixteen. It also hopes to snatch the lead from the Romanian team, which will face Slovakia in Frankfurt at the same time.
The Belgian team was subjected to much criticism after losing in the first round to its Slovakian counterpart by one goal, but it succeeded in winning in the second match against Romania by two goals, achieving its first victory in the tournament.
On the other hand, the Ukrainian team regained some stability in its ranks, after its victory over Slovakia 2/1 in the last match, especially since it lost 3-0 to Romania in the first round, but the team is now required to achieve victory or at least a draw against Belgium, to search for a place among the teams qualified for the round of 16. In the second match, the same bet appears in the match between Slovakia and Romania, as they have three points in their balance. The Romanian team opened the tournament with a wonderful performance and a historic victory over Ukraine 3-0, and is now required to achieve victory while waiting for the result of the second match between Belgium and Ukraine, to reach the round of 16 for the first time in its history.

Last minute goals enrich the tournament

The European Nations Cup currently being held in Germany has witnessed many decisive goals scored in the final minutes of matches, which has contributed to enriching the tournament and bringing about changes that have led to the qualification of some teams and the elimination of others from the competition.
The opening match witnessed the scoring of two goals in the final minutes of the match that brought together Germany with Scotland, as Germany defender Antonio Rudiger scored an own goal in the 87th minute, and his colleague in the German national team, Emre Can, returned and scored a goal for his country in the 90th + 3 minute, to strengthen the advantage. Landowners.
In the second match, Switzerland scored a goal through Breel Embolo in the 90th minute, securing his country’s victory over Hungary with three goals to one.
In the match between Turkey and Georgia in the first round of Group 6, Kerem Akturkoglu scored a goal for Turkey in the 90th minute, securing his country’s victory. Portugal’s Francisco Conceicao gave his country a precious victory by scoring the winning goal in the 90th minute against the Czech Republic. In the match between Croatia and Albania, Albanian player Klaus Gjasula scored the equalizer for his country in the 90th minute.
Serbian player Luka Jovic scored the equalizer for his country in the 90th + 5th minute, against Slovenia. Germany’s Niklas Volkrug scored in the 90+2 minute against Switzerland.
In the Scotland-Hungary match, Hungarian player Kevin Csopote scored a goal in the 90+10th minute, giving his country a valuable victory.
The matter was repeated against Italy in the third round of Group Two competitions after Italy’s Mattia Zaccaini scored the equalizer for his country against Croatia in the 90th minute, ensuring the Italian team officially qualified as second in Group Two.

A fateful confrontation between the Czechs and Turkey

The Czech national team clashes with its Turkish counterpart in Hamburg in a fateful confrontation to reserve the ticket to qualify for the second round..
The Turkish national team has more than one chance to guarantee qualification, the first of which is a win or a draw, which puts them directly in second place, or even a loss, so that its score remains at three points and is included in the calculations of the best third, but on the condition that Georgia does not win over Portugal.
The Czech Republic team is seeking to achieve a victory that will directly qualify it to the second round, or perhaps a draw and raise its score to two points, but it will enter into very complex calculations to decide the best third place, as it will be tied with two points with the Croatian team, third in Group Two. The Czech team will also be waiting for the results of the last round of Group Three to serve it through England’s victory over Slovenia, so that the latter’s score will freeze at two points, and Serbia’s failure to win over Denmark or the end of this match in a draw, so that the highest possible score for Serbia remains two points.

Portugal are the main beneficiaries of own goals

Own goals caught attention in the European Cup, as the first and second rounds of the group stage witnessed many players scoring accidental goals against their teams.
The number of own goals scored in the current edition so far has reached 6, with three in the first round and the same in the second.
The reverse goals in Euro 2024 began with Germany defender Antonio Rudiger, who scored against his country for Scotland.
The French team benefited from own goals in the first round when Austria player Maximilian Wober scored an own goal against his country’s team.
The Portuguese national team benefited from own goals twice in two different matches, in the first and second rounds, as it benefited in its first match against the Czech Republic when player Ruben Hranac accidentally scored against his Czech national team.
Portugal also benefited in its second match against Turkey when Samet Akaydin, the Turkish national team player, accidentally scored against his country.
The Croatian team also benefited from own goals when Albanian player Klaus Jasula scored an own goal.
An own goal gave Spain the win over Italy, as Italian player Riccardo Calafiori scored an own goal, giving Spain a 1-0 win.