YouTube makes playable games available to all users

Written By Mark

The video sharing platform YouTube announced its entry into the field of electronic games by launching the “Playables” initiative, which provides a gaming experience through the platform’s official website, in addition to the Android and iOS application.
YouTube began its experience in the world of games last year by offering the Playables initiative to YouTube Premium subscribers. The first phase included a smaller number of games and lasted for a limited period only, ending last March.
The platform announced through its official blog the availability of games within the Playables initiative, and it offers the user more than 75 different games, such as chess, crossword puzzles, and famous games.
It is noteworthy that these games can be played directly from the browser or within the YouTube application without the need to download them.
New games can be tried when available by going to the YouTube home page, either on the desktop or in mobile applications, then searching for playable games from the Explore tab, and the game can also be shared with friends, by clicking on the three additional dots menu, The platform will also allow you to save progress in games and track the best results.
The video sharing platform said that it will provide these games to more users in the coming months, which means that they will gradually be available to users.
As the gaming sector continues to grow, it is expected that technology companies will continue to invest in this field, and we may witness new developments that include providing innovative gaming experiences based on virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, and partnerships between gaming platforms and technology companies may expand to provide exclusive content that attracts more subscribers.