A new feature shared between Apple and Google makes it easier to transfer data

Written By Mark

Apple and Google have announced a new collaboration that will allow users to transfer data and photos from Google directly to iCloud Photos.
This joint feature launched by Apple and Google is part of a project to transfer data between different platforms over the Internet.
Apple said in a statement today that supporting the transfer of photos and videos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos achieves the reciprocity principle of the Basic Data Transfer Initiative, joining the existing direct transfer tools available to billions of people today, provided by DTI, Apple, Google, and Meta.
Apple explained that those who wish to use this feature should go to Google Takeout, then follow the instructions to start exporting from Google Photos, then choose Apple – iCloud Photos as the transfer destination and sign in with the user’s Apple ID, then click “Allow” to share permission with Google to add photos and videos to iCloud.
This feature comes after the launch of a tool that allows transferring iCloud photos to Google Photos back in 2021.