“Al-Arab” reveals the names in the last 7 seasons…the national and Spanish teams are the second teams in the adult league

Written By Mark

Promotion to the senior league is an event that certainly deserves joy because of its qualitative leap and the big difference between playing in the second division and playing in the star league, which has a greater and higher focus on it. Therefore, every coach does his best to achieve the achievement of promotion and achieving it in the first place is not easy because it It is amidst fierce competition with other teams in the second division league, and given the last 7 seasons in the second division league, the achievements of the coaches who qualified for the Stars League were limited to the citizen and the Spanish coach, with 5 Spanish coaches, the last of whom was Alvaro Mejia with Al-Shahaniya, and 3 citizen coaches, the last of whom was Abdullah Mubarak with Al-Khor. .
Twice for Murcia
We will talk at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season, in which Al-Shahania qualified for the Stars League under the leadership of Spanish coach Jose Murcia after winning the championship shield. After qualifying with the adults, the coach not only rose, but in the 2018-2019 season he presented distinguished performances with Al-Shahania, and the team achieved seventh place and won. Respect everyone, the coach himself is Murcia. His promotion with Al Shahaniya was not his only time in the senior league, but there was another time with the Muaither team in the season before last 2022-2023 after he won the second division shield, but in the past season he was not successful and left. The team trained after several rounds due to a decline in results, but in general, coach Murcia is one of the names that has a training idea and works to apply it with the teams, but he may face bad luck, as he faced with Muaither in the Expo Stars League last season.

Lopez and return with Nawakhada
In the 2019 season, Al-Wakrah’s return to the Stars League was not only a joy for Al-Nawakhatha fans, but also joy that spread throughout the Qatari football sports street, given the value and history of Al-Wakrah Club, which had already confirmed that relegation to the second division was like a “hero’s setback” because as soon as he returned with the Spanish Marquez Lopez, the team’s former coach, As the technical director of our current national team, Al-Wakra returned to its normal position in Qatari football, constantly occupying a place in the senior four, competing for titles, and the emergence of distinguished players for our national teams and also for other teams thanks to the quality of its distinguished professionals, and the team reaped the fruits of years of work after winning the Cup title last season. Qatar beat Al Rayyan with a clean goal.

Adam with lightning bolts
In the 2020 season, Al Kharaitiyat team returned to the Stars League under national technical leadership with coach Youssef Adam after the team achieved the second division league title, but despite qualifying, Al Kharaitiyat did not maintain its place in the Stars League and quickly returned to the second division league, but under the new management led by His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed bin Thamer Al Thani There is a strong desire to return under the leadership of the same coach, Youssef Adam.

Walls and the return of the north
When we see Al-Shamal in the Stars League in a state of brilliance, there is definitely a state of joy given the value of the ancient club, which returned to the Stars League in the 2021 season with Spanish-Moroccan coach Hicham Jedar, and despite the coach’s departure in the last rounds of the season in which he promoted, but Al-Shamal plays distinctive football, especially last season with the Swedish coach Espagi. Rather, the desire has risen for the team to achieve a better and advanced position in the new season, especially in light of the strong contracts that the club’s management is intending to conclude in the coming period.

Mubarak’s successes
Abdullah Mubarak has many successes in the second division league due to his leadership of more than one team to qualify for the senior league, but we are talking in today’s report in the last 7 seasons, in which the coach succeeded in qualifying twice, in the 2022 season with the Al Markhiya team after a long absence and after his qualification he presented levels. Distinctive in the Stars League, and he left for reasons that have raised many question marks so far before the end of the season, despite the fact that the team finished the season before last in seventh place, and in the previous season and following the departure of the coach, it was relegated to the second division after losing to Al-Shahaniya in the decider by three goals to one. In the same season in which Al Markhiya was relegated, Abdullah Mubarak wrote a new history with his return to the Stars League with Al Khor, and he currently hopes to provide distinguished levels in the new season with the Al Fursan team, especially after the club announced that he will continue with the team in the new season.

Alvaro and break the rule
Al Shahaniya team succeeded in breaking the rule by defeating a team from the Stars League in the playoff match after its well-deserved 3-point victory over Al Markhiya at Al Thumama World Cup Stadium, under the Spanish leadership of coach Alvaro Mejia, who had a distinguished season with Al Shahaniya and tied with Al Khor in the number of points to come in second place in the Premier League. The second, but the desire persisted and continued until the victory over Al Markhiya was achieved, bringing Al Shahania back to the Stars League, and he hopes to present a strong and distinguished performance, especially since Al Shahania in the recent period was providing distinguished performances against the Stars League teams, and Alvaro had previously played in the Stars League, but as a distinguished defender. But the new season will be his first season as a coach in the adult league.