At the Chantilly track in France, sponsored by the Equestrian Club… horse racing for the Qatar Jockey Club Prize

Written By Mark

This evening, all eyes will be on the ancient Chantilly racecourse in northern France, where a race will be held for the Qatar Jockey Club Prize for purebred crossbred horses, 3 years old, from the first category, over a distance of 2100 metres, under the sponsorship of the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club, as part of its existing partnership with the French France Gallo Foundation. The race is part of the group of races that the club sponsors in Europe every year. This race, which is also known as the French Derby, is important because it is one of the most prominent and important classic races within the French racing program. A group of the best three-year-old horses on the European continent participate in it and compete. To achieve the pinnacle and the title in this race, which is considered the starting point for the best production stallions in the future, as its winners turn after the end of their career on the racetracks to become among the most famous and best stallions in the world of horse production.
According to the final entries announced by the organizing body, 15 foals will head to the starting gates, and in this edition, trainer Jean-Claude Roger, who has won this title 5 times before, supervises the participation of 3 colts, namely “Wahdan”, owned by His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani. Khalifa bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah, who will start from Gate No. 13, led by Jean-Bernard Ekem, “Gration Storm”, which will start from Gate No. 10, led by Yoritz Mendizabal, and “Arrow Eagle”, which, under the supervision of coach Jean-Claude Roger and led by Christian Demeuro, will strive to overcome Despite the difficult circumstances in which the draw placed him, he will start from Gate No. 14 and the penultimate and follow the example of his half-brother “Ace Impact”, champion of last year’s edition, while the Wathnan Racing colt will bear the logo “Fast Tracker” and will start from Gate No. 5 under the supervision of his coach, Henry Alix Pontal, and under the leadership of Fantasy James Doyle, and also with them is the colt “Sunway”, owned by Guy Pariante, Thomas Lines and Qatar Racing Limited, who achieved a victory in the first category when he was two years old and starts from Gate No. 8 under the supervision of trainer David Menuisier and led by fantasy Ocean Murphy.
Among the participating horses is also the pony “Luc de Vega”, owned by Ara de la Morsunglière/Carlos and Yan Lerner/Ecurie de Charme/Patrick Madar, under the supervision of trainer Carlos and Yann Lerner and led by the horse Runo Toma, and the pony “Diego Velazquez”, owned by Smith. / Magnier / Tepper / Westberg / Brandt, under the supervision of the trainer, the famous trainer Aidan O’Brien, and led by the well-known horseman Ryan Moore, and the pony “Soussi”, owned by Wertheimer et Frères, under the supervision of trainer Andre Fabre and led by the horseman, Maxime Guillon, who has previously participated in races on the Al Rayyan track many times.
Among the most prominent candidates to win the title in the race today is the colt “Sunway”, champion of the category, King of Qatar Racing, Thomas Lines, and Guy Pariante, especially after he recently achieved a classified victory by winning the Sorin Award over the same distance, and with him on the list of candidates is the colt “Fast Tracker”, king of Wudhanan Racing, and the colt “Ramadan” won the third category under the supervision of coach Christopher Eade, as they will all strive to occupy the top spot in this age group and achieve victory.