Before confronting Afghanistan and India… Lopez is looking for a new formation for Al-Anabi

Written By Mark

Our first national football team continued its training under the leadership of its Spanish coach, Marquez Lopez, in preparation for facing Afghanistan and India next June 6 and 11 in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, and Doha, in the last two rounds of the first group of the double qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.
Al-Annabi’s training began last Tuesday with the participation of 29 players included in the team’s new roster. Our team will continue training in Doha until next Tuesday, leaving for the city of Al-Ahsa in Saudi Arabia next Wednesday, and meeting Afghanistan on Thursday, June 6.
Al-Anabi returns to Doha the next day to continue his training for the final match with India in Doha in the final round of the qualifiers, which is scheduled to be held at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium for the World Cup.
In training, Lopez is focusing on choosing the new formation that will face Afghanistan after a large group of young players were summoned to play in the two matches to rest the big stars, especially Al-Anabi, who are officially qualified, regardless of the outcome of the two matches with Afghanistan and India, to the third stage of the World Cup qualifiers, and to the 2027 Asian Finals. In Saudi Arabia.
Al-Anabi also secured the lead in the group until the end of the qualifiers with a full mark and with 12 points from 4 matches in which it achieved a victory and did not draw or lose. It is known that Al-Anabi began its career by defeating Afghanistan 8-1 in Doha, then over India in India 3-0, and also won over Al-Azraq. Kuwaiti back and forth.
The two matches represent a good opportunity for the young and rising faces and new elements to create a new club for Annabi capable of completing the mission, completing the journey, and reaching the World Cup for the second time in a row.
Despite the absence of the basic elements and the reliance on new elements, some of which represent Annabi for the first time, our team plans to continue victories and achieve the full score at the end of the qualifiers in order to benefit from the new world classification expected to be issued on June 20, on the basis of which the draw for the third round of the World Cup qualifiers will be held, which the Federation will reveal. The Asian Cup will be announced after the end of the current stage of the qualifiers.
Despite the absence of the basic elements of our team, the task will not be easy, especially since the struggle for second place in the group is raging between India, Al-Anistan (4 points) and Kuwait (3 points) in order to catch up with Al-Annabi. It is known that the first and second in each of the nine groups qualify directly to the stage. The third for the World Cup qualifiers and the 2027 Asian Cup finals.