“Care”: Exercising is beneficial for the health of pregnant women

Written By Mark

Dr. Hana Saleh, child and adolescent specialist at the Primary Health Care Corporation, confirmed that sport is one of the essential factors for building a healthy lifestyle for pregnant women, with its importance and positive benefit for the mother and child.
She said in a statement issued by the Foundation yesterday, “Sports and physical activity are important for all segments of society, including pregnant women,” pointing out that a pregnant woman must consult a doctor during pregnancy visits at the health center and discuss the types of sports and physical activity that she can practice during pregnancy, but she explained. Any exercise program for previously inactive and pregnant women should begin with low-intensity activities such as walking, cycling (for safety purposes during pregnancy, you can choose a stationary bike) or swimming three days a week, after which the time can be increased to 5 or more sessions.
She added: Physical activity makes pregnancy pass easily and safely by providing tremendous health benefits when practicing regular physical activity, pointing out that physical activity can help prevent some diseases and reduce the risks of weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Osteoporosis, depression, etc. in pregnant women.
She continued: A pregnant woman can continue to be active throughout pregnancy, as the World Health Organization recommends that women who practice physical activity continue these activities, and the best advice is to always listen to the body’s demands, such as rest and stop exercising when feeling tired and exhausted, and she noted the necessity of coordinating your own exercise regimen. The pregnant woman must consult a health care professional and obtain permission to exercise, with the need to avoid strenuous exercise sessions or perform some exercises completely for the sake of the health of the pregnant woman and her fetus. She pointed out that there are some cases in which a pregnant woman must completely stop sporting activities and consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible, such as feeling short of breath or chest pain, painful uterine contractions, vaginal bleeding, or constant loss of fluids from the vagina, which indicates a rupture. Membranes, dizziness, or persistent weakness that does not go away when resting.
She explained that exercise and physical activity should be a lifestyle and a choice that women make, whether during or without pregnancy, and that physically active people enjoy many health benefits.
Dr. Hana Saleh confirmed that studies indicate that exercising with family or friends constitutes support for the continuity of sports and physical activity.
In this context, she advised drinking adequate water before, during and after exercise, and it is advisable to avoid extremely hot and humid environments. She also advised avoiding sports that require physical contact and dangerous physical activities such as martial arts, football, downhill skiing, or horse riding to reduce the risk of abdominal injury. To protect your child, avoid extreme and violent sports and control movements because the muscles and joints become flaccid during pregnancy.
She also advised avoiding sudden movements and rapid changes in direction, and an extended warm-up and cool-down routine can reduce the risk of injury, pointing to the necessity of deep and continuous breathing and resting from time to time.