Warning that 87 million passwords in the world could be hacked within a minute

Written By Mark

Russian experts have warned that nearly half of the world’s passwords could be cracked in less than a minute, after 193 million passwords were tested overall. Analysts and experts conducted a detailed study, relying on 193 million publicly accessible passwords to resist hacking. They explained: “By analyzing 193 million passwords found publicly available on dark web resources, it was found that nearly half of them (45%, or 87 million) could be hacked in less than a minute.”
Experts confirmed that most of the passwords analyzed could be easily hacked using smart algorithms: identifying 14% of them (27 million) would not take more than an hour to hack, and 8% (15 million) would not take more than one day. Experts added that only 23%, or 44 million groups, were strong enough, and it would take more than a year to solve them.