Carries health risks.. Increasing numbers of teenagers taking muscle supplements in Canada

Written By Mark

A recent study conducted in Canada showed a significant increase in the number of teenagers taking nutritional supplements needed to build muscle, indicating that this phenomenon poses serious health risks to the health of young people.

The University of Toronto conducted this study, which showed a significant increase in the rates of taking nutritional supplements needed to build muscle, such as protein and creatine, among adolescents and young people in the country.

The study included 912 volunteers between the ages of 16 and 30, and found that 60% of participants admitted to eating protein bars. 50% reported that they consume protein powders and drinks, which are commonly used as muscle-building supplements, with more men taking these supplements than women.

Kyle Janson, head of the study team, said, “Boys and men participating in the study revealed that they had taken at least three types of nutritional supplements over the past year,” adding in statements to the website “Citech Daily,” which specializes in scientific research, that “these numbers show the increasing interest of boys and men.” To get the perfect body.

Half of the study participants stated that social networking sites were the primary motivation behind their taking these nutritional supplements, and about a third of the participants stated that they were getting their information about these supplements from websites, and that the likelihood of resorting to health care and nutrition specialists before taking these substances is increasing among women and girls, while the trend is increasing. The vast majority of boys and men turn to Internet forums to seek advice and gather information.

The researchers stressed the need for health experts and policy makers to closely follow this phenomenon with the aim of improving public health strategies and awareness efforts, and tightening the rules regulating the sale of this type of supplement.