Chief Cardiologist in Pakistan: Young people are increasingly falling victim to high blood pressure

Written By Mark

Yesterday, Sunday, health experts in Pakistan stressed public awareness of early detection and adopting a healthy lifestyle to control heart diseases, as it is important for heart patients to drink plenty of water, which they need in hot and dry weather.

Chief cardiologist, Dr. Azhar Mahmood Kayani, in his interview with the Pakistani news channel PTV, explained that high blood pressure is not only a concern for the elderly, but also for young people who are increasingly falling victim to this silent threat.

Kayani advised citizens that heart disease can be avoided and prevented through simple lifestyle modifications, adding that a healthy lifestyle, as well as exercising, can help citizens protect themselves from heart disease.

Dr. Kayani said that there is an urgent need to take heart diseases seriously and work to prevent them, adding that diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking and an inactive lifestyle are major causes of heart attacks.