Director Mohammed Al-Ansari for"Arabs": "Case 404" We broke the silence… and expressed the lives of people of determination

Written By Mark

In a time when the threads of reality are intertwined with its many colors, the series “Case 404” comes to shed light on hidden aspects of the lives of those who live among us, but in silence.

With enviable boldness, the series broke the silence barrier, and presented to the Arab audience during the holy month of Ramadan the first Arab drama series that is distinguished by the fact that most of its heroes are people with special needs.

In an interesting drama, the series dealt with real stories that the heroes of the series actually lived, and they were collected from the experiences of the heroes of the work, in addition to using other dramatic stories.

The series highlights the societal problems people with special needs suffer from, such as bullying and marginalization, as two major issues in their lives.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Arab, the director of the work, Muhammad Al-Ansari, said that the main message of the creators of the work is to shed light on the suffering of these heroes due to the societal defect that affected human values, which made their suffering great and varied. It also aims to integrate people with special abilities into society, especially In the fields of media and drama.

Through the lens of the camera, the young director is trying to restore the viewers’ perspective of dealing with the problems of people with special needs and integrating them into work and life. Therefore, he was keen to introduce the audience to real people with special needs with the aim of having them play two main roles. First, to convey his idea through realistic dramatic scenes by representing people with special needs. Real problems, as well as their cohesion in reality and their integration into all functions.

Through “Al Arab”, Al Ansari expressed his great happiness after the series achieved a great positive interaction from the audience, especially on social media platforms, through praising the artistic abilities of the heroes to embody their suffering due to societal imbalance.

He said: “The series received literary appreciation from institutions concerned with the lives of people with special needs, for shedding light on this type of issue and presenting it in dramatic roles that reflect the real reality.”

Al-Ansari stressed that bringing the work to light was not an easy matter, as filming the series took about two full years, during which he used 24 actors with special needs and 35 able-bodied actors.

Al-Ansari thanked the distinguished artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi, who played the role of the narrator in the series. He also thanked the singer and actor Haitham Saeed, who joined as a guest of honor during the events of the work, and who appeared in his true personality as a singer and actor.

The young director seeks to exploit the great success of the series, and present a second part, for which he has begun preparing, and he hopes that its heroes will be people with disabilities from all over the world.

It is worth noting that “Case 404” is written and directed by Mohamed El-Ansari, screenplay by Ramez Abbas, dramatic treatment by Mahmoud Abu Bakr, and starring a large number of new artists with special needs, in addition to the participation of a number of celebrities on social media, such as Shawer.