Dukhan Bank uses the latest technological innovations to maintain excellence

Written By Mark

Mr. Shawqi Daher, General Manager of Private Banking Services at Dukhan Bank, confirmed that the bank’s receipt of the “Best Islamic Bank for Private Banking Services in the World 2024” award for the third time in a row from Global Finance magazine is an important achievement that is added to its track record of achievements as a strong testimony to Dukhan Bank’s excellence. And its continuous efforts to develop its services, it also reflects the extent of the flexibility of the bank’s banking services system, and the wide portfolio of banking services, solutions, and the most advanced financial, banking, and investment services that are specifically designed according to the constantly changing needs of all its customers – especially those with high financial solvency.

Regarding what distinguishes Dukhan Bank private banking from other competitors offering it to be crowned with this award for the third year in a row, despite strong competition from the largest local, regional and international institutions, Mr. Shawqi Daher said that over years of diligent work, Dukhan Bank has succeeded in building a wide portfolio of banking services. And financing solutions compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, in line with its vision of sustainable growth that comes in line with the state’s plans and the pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030, and its constant aspiration to enhance its position among competitors locally, regionally and globally. From this standpoint, Dukhan Bank is racing against time to bring the latest technological innovations that we see, and keep pace with its rapid change in order to maintain excellence and provide a safe banking experience for customers according to the latest standards.
He added: “Perhaps the most important pillar of this system is that we are keen to attract the best competencies and highly experienced specialists to lead our journey towards continuous improvement and spread the culture of innovation on a large scale, so that we make room for everyone to provide personalized services tailored to each client, with a focus on understanding their needs and financial goals, and open He has before him horizons of creativity in a work environment based on commitment to the highest standards of environmental, social and corporate governance, best sustainable practices, and the latest technologies and electronic services. Together, these factors contributed to Dukhan Bank receiving the “Best Islamic Bank for Private Banking Services in the World 2024” award for the third year in a row, and at the same time – they are one of the most important secrets that distinguish it among competitors.

Most important services
Regarding the most important services included in Dukhan Bank’s private banking portfolio, the General Manager of Private Banking indicated that the distinction of these services and the level of professional customer service lies in innovation and diversity, as we follow a flexible approach to design our services and products according to customer requirements, and we place a private banking services employee at their service. To ensure an efficient and personalized service. Dukhan Bank’s portfolio is full of many services that can be divided into several categories, the most prominent of which are:
Banking services
These are regular banking services with a personal touch that meet the unique aspirations of customers:
• Current accounts, check books and payment orders
• Debit cards and credit cards that are tailored to suit the customer’s spending needs
• Local and international transfers and payments
• Foreign exchange operations
• Deposit and short-term investment products
• Online banking

Investment services
Dukhan Bank offers a range of comprehensive and innovative investment solutions and services compatible with Islamic Sharia, including:
– Services to identify risks, distribute assets, and provide solutions designed according to the changing needs of clients, which includes setting investment guidelines as a road map for building the investment portfolio.
– Asset and wealth management services through an open-architecture platform that provides high-net-worth clients with the best wealth and diversified asset management managers.
– Providing multi-currency and multi-asset portfolios in the public markets of the G20 countries.
– Providing opportunities to invest in real estate portfolios and private equity portfolios that are not listed for public trading.
– Providing specialized investment and advisory services and solutions to assist family offices in governance issues and preserving and developing wealth across generations.
– International banking services.

Financing services
These relate to personal or real estate financing, documentary credits, letters of guarantee, and short-term liquidity solutions.
Moreover, Dukhan Bank’s portfolio is supported by a wide range of Islamic banking products and services, such as current and savings accounts compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, Islamic corporate financing, Islamic investment services, and services for high-net-worth individuals such as risk management services, legal and tax consulting services, Real estate management services, travel and entertainment services.

Rich portfolio of products
Daher also pointed out that Dukhan Bank’s portfolio is supported by a wide range of Islamic banking products and services, such as current and savings accounts compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, Islamic corporate financing, Islamic investment services, and services for high-net-worth individuals such as risk management services, and legal and tax consulting services. , real estate management services, travel and entertainment services.
Daher stressed that the fruits of the continuous development and improvement of Dukhan Bank’s portfolio of banking services, solutions and products and the banking experience extend to everyone who falls within its growing list of clients, which includes more than 150,000 clients, including those with high financial net worth. Winning this prestigious award is the greatest incentive that can be achieved. We present it to the bank’s work team, which in turn reflects positively on the level of customer service, and pushes them to move forward in expanding the scope of innovation in their work, which opens up for customers the opportunity to benefit from specialized banking services designed to meet their unique financial needs and are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. He continued: “It also enhances the confidence of current and potential customers in Dukhan Bank, and confirms its reliability and efficiency in providing distinguished private banking services.”
Because the entire process is an interconnected network, winning this award also has an impact on raising the status and reputation of Dukhan Bank, which opens up better horizons for it to seize distinct investment opportunities, thus enabling customers to participate in these opportunities and achieve sustainable and secure financial growth in accordance with their financial goals and ambitions. .

future plans
Mr. Shawqi Daher also explained that Dukhan Bank will continue its future plans to develop its private banking services and enhance its leadership in this field by working constructively on the achievements and tangible steps achieved so far on the path to comprehensive digital transformation in accordance with our strategy that was launched in 2020, and expanding our portfolio of… Digital services, and do our best to increase our private banking services. On the other hand, interest in developing the capabilities and skills of the work team remains an essential pillar in this regard, as they are our most important assets. We will provide more programs and training courses that increase their full knowledge of market developments, and enable them to harness the power and advantages of advanced technologies to provide a distinguished digital banking experience, innovate new products and services, and provide innovative investment solutions that are compatible with customer needs and the provisions of Islamic Sharia.