Extreme heat is dangerous for people with mental illnesses

Written By Mark

Dr. Andrea Beneke warned of the danger of extreme summer heat for people who suffer from special psychological illnesses. It causes a decline in their cognitive level, which increases the possibility of impulsive, risky, and aggressive behavior, and in the worst cases, it may reach the point of thinking about harming oneself, such as committing suicide.

The head of the Federal Chamber of German Psychiatrists explained that the people most at risk are those suffering from schizophrenia, addiction diseases, dementia, and depression.

Some psychiatric medications are also a factor, such as antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anticholinergics.

Some medicines can negatively affect the body’s ability to maintain a healthy temperature, while extreme heat can alter the effect of medicines, for example by reducing their effectiveness or increasing their side effects.

Stay in the shade

To avoid these serious risks, those suffering from mental illnesses must stay in the shade, avoid physical exertion as much as possible, and drink adequate fluids.

They should also consult their treating physician about whether there is a need to adjust the medication dosage during hot days.