Financial Analyst: Companies’ tendency to distribute “semi-annual” profits enhances the stock market’s performance

Written By Mark

The Qatar Stock Exchange index ended the current week’s trading with a rise of 1.12 percent, adding 111.61 points to its balance, thus rising to 10,073 points, supported by the performance of the banking and financial services sector, which was the biggest gainer in this week’s trading with an increase of 1.760 percent, followed by the industrial sector, which rose by 1.68 percent.
In this context, Yousef Bouhaliqa, a financial markets analyst, said that the announcement by some companies, such as those affiliated with Qatar Energy, Qatar National Bank, and other companies listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange, of their intention to support the distribution of semi-annual dividends during the current year, contributed to strengthening the performance of the Qatar Stock Exchange index during the current week and enabled it to hold above the 10,000-point threshold.
Bu Hulaika pointed out that such decisions will contribute to attracting more investors to the stock exchange and thus enhance market liquidity, which averaged 376.6 million riyals during the current week.
He added that it is expected that banks and other listed companies will study the possibility of distributing semi-annual dividends to their shareholders in conjunction with the start of the disclosure of semi-annual disclosures next week.
Buhaliqa pointed out that distributing semi-annual cash dividends will contribute to boosting the economy, stimulating the spirit of competition among listed companies, and encouraging a number of family companies and others to open their capital on the stock exchange through various mechanisms available in the market.
The financial markets analyst said that the Qatar Stock Exchange index, at the level it reached yesterday, 10,073 points, advanced towards its highest closing level since March 25.