Loneliness increases the risk of depression

Written By Mark

Professor Ulrich Voderholzer warned of the danger of loneliness to mental health, as it increases the risk of developing depression.

To avoid this danger, the German psychiatrist and psychotherapist recommended working to confront the feeling of loneliness by establishing strong and stable social relationships with friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances, as positive social contacts prevent depression.

Voderholzer explained that social bonds and relationships can be strengthened by going to activities with friends, practicing sports or hobbies together, and accepting invitations to birthdays, engagement parties, and marriages, noting that one can also benefit from social networking to make friendships with others.

doctor consultation

Professor Voderholzer stressed the need to consult a psychiatrist if the feeling of loneliness is accompanied by other negative feelings such as loss of interests, desire for isolation, inability to feel enjoyment in anything, and loss of sense of self-worth and importance.

Signs that sound the alarm also include the desire to harm oneself and thoughts of suicide.

Depression can be treated well with psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication such as antidepressants can also be used, in addition to positive social communication.