American researcher: Heart disease symptoms last longer in women

Written By Mark

Heart diseases are considered one of the main causes of death for both men and women, but the symptoms of these diseases in women are often not paid attention to.

Researcher Dina Krishnan from the Bon Secours Center, which specializes in cardiovascular diseases in Suffolk, Virginia, says: “We have shown that the symptoms of heart disease persist in women for a longer period, and when the patient reaches the point of needing health care, her condition may be worse.” “It’s already gotten worse.”

However, a recent scientific study has proven that the rates of heart disease rise sharply in women after menopause, as scientific evidence has shown that a decline in the level of estrogen in women increases the risk of heart disease at higher rates than men, and that arterial stiffness increases in women after menopause. Double that compared to men of the same demographic group and health conditions.

The American College of Cardiology reached these results after a study that included 579 menopausal women.

Scientific research has long confirmed that the estrogen hormone provides protection for women from heart disease, but scientists are still studying the interaction between menopause and other influences such as genetic factors and lifestyles, and the reason for this is partly due to the discrepancies and differences between women when they reach what is known as “age.” Despair”.

The Medical Express website quoted researcher Krishnan as saying: “Many women think that the ideal solution is to take doses of the hormone estrogen, but the issue is not that simple because taking this hormone increases the risk of infections and blood clots, and may sometimes lead to Cancer.”