Ayman Hussein joins Al Khor after the Olympics

Written By Mark

Al Khor’s first football team began its preparations for the new season 2024-2025 by undergoing training for the first stage, while the second stage will be the external camp and the third stage will be the final training in Doha before the start of the league competitions scheduled to start on August 9.
Al Khor Club is looking forward to presenting itself strongly and staying away from danger and not returning to the second division, and this made the Board of Directors start working early for the new season to ensure stability and not enter into mazes, as many important files related to the technical staff were addressed during the past period, in addition to the fate of professional players, in addition to searching for names for local players and also the external camp, and this is certainly a positive and very important thing to set the broad outlines early so that the team is at the peak of readiness, and “Al Arab” learned that the Iraqi international Ayman Hussein will join the team after the end of his participation with his country’s national team in the Paris 2024 Olympics, which will start on July 26, and he will be ready for the team after the end of his participation with the Paris Olympics, and the training witnessed the participation of the Portuguese defender Semedo, who previously had two experiences with Al Duhail and then Al Markhiya, as for the professionals from last season, it was decided to continue the Algerian Sofiane Hanni and the Moroccan Adel Rahili and the departure of the rest of the players, and there are strong negotiations with the Ivorian Johan Boli, and the two under-age professionals were also decided upon, namely goalkeeper Mohammed Bashir and Abdullah Nouri, and there is no doubt It is very important for the club to complete these files before traveling to Turkey to participate in the external camp that will start from July 8 to 28 in the Turkish city of Burdur. The camp will include many matches of varying levels, as it is expected that the team’s program in the camp will be revealed during the coming period and the number of matches that Al Khor will play with the national coach Abdullah Mubarak, who the club announced would continue in the past period after leading the team to qualify for the Stars League again. The decision was unanimous, especially since the national coach in general proved to be very successful in the past season, whether Abdullah Mubarak, as well as Younis Ali, Ali Al Marri and Wissam Rizk. It is worth noting that Abdullah Mubarak in his last season in the senior league was the season before last with Al Markhiya, which he promoted at the time and the team ranked seventh.