Google creates a new feature in its maps service

Written By Mark

Google has filed a patent application for a new feature that will be added to Google Maps, which will help a group of people driving to the same location receive step-by-step directions to that single destination.
The company explained how the feature works: “The first driver sets the destination and invites other drivers heading to the same location to join them. All group members must be Google members.” The estimated time of arrival (ETA) will also be available to all group members, and Google Maps can recommend speed adjustments so that all group members arrive at the destination at the same time.
The patent application also notes that Google Maps could add a voice chat feature that would allow group members to communicate with each other during a trip. Google Maps would be able to use traffic conditions obtained from the lead vehicle to alert others about traffic jams and accidents, and when an alternate route is necessary to avoid significant delays, the lead vehicle could also provide others with information about where to park their cars.