The Central Bank launches “We Are All Aware” to raise awareness of information security

Written By Mark

Qatar Central Bank, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Interior, the National Cybersecurity Agency and the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority, launched a national information security awareness campaign under the slogan “We are all aware.”
This comes in support of the State of Qatar’s efforts to raise awareness of cybersecurity risks, and in line with its vision of building a safe and aware society to face future challenges accompanying the accelerating technological revolution.
The awareness campaign aims to raise public awareness of the risks of financial fraud, highlight cyber threats they may face in light of the tremendous technological and digital development, and provide them with practical strategies to avoid falling victim to such threats.
The campaign also came to emphasize the importance of cybersecurity with a special focus on three main threats: first, phishing, where fraudsters impersonate entities to obtain sensitive personal information from victims via email or text messages; second, warning of the danger of receiving fraudulent calls; and third, highlighting the importance of maintaining data confidentiality while guiding individuals to exercise the utmost caution when sharing their personal information.
In continuation of the ongoing efforts in this regard, Qatar Central Bank and its partners in this campaign seek to re-emphasize cyber threats, provide the public with the basic information they need to protect themselves and their money, and educate them not to share their personal data on social media to reduce cybercrimes, as raising awareness among individuals is a key pillar for building a secure electronic system and is no less important than developing a secure operational system that adopts the latest advanced technological innovations, especially since any deficiency in one of its components represents a threat to the entire system.
Highlighting the ever-evolving risks in the digital landscape as a whole, the campaign identifies the main channels for cyber fraud such as phone calls, social media, emails, SMS and website links.
Qatar Central Bank, along with its partners in this campaign, emphasized the vital role of ongoing awareness efforts in building a more secure electronic society capable of confronting these threats. In light of the rapid technological development, cyber threats are evolving, which in turn requires continued educational efforts, increasing individuals’ awareness, and enhancing cyber security levels and procedures. From this standpoint, Qatar Central Bank and partner institutions seek, through this campaign, to empower and protect individuals and institutions, instill a culture of electronic vigilance, and protect them from cyber threats that take various and constantly changing forms and images.